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Located in Lancaster County just off the NE bank of the Rappahannock River and a few miles from White Stone, Irvington is perhaps best known for being the home of the famed Tide’s Inn. Some of the highest property values in the entire Northern Neck/Middle Peninsula region can be found in and around the Irvington area.

Located further inland than Gwynn’s Island and Deltaville, Irvington is more protected from the effects of the Bay. The town is situated along the shores of Carter’s Creek, a tributary to the Rappahannock River which offers generally calmer and safer conditions for the casual boater. The relatively deep coves also allow some larger boats access. The trip from Irvington to the deeper parts of the Bay is typically a 40-to-60-minute ride under desirable conditions.

The water depth in the coves that surround Irvington are generally 4-10 feet with depths falling to 20+ feet in the relatively deep Rappahannock River.

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Irvington Map


Much like any town located in the Chesapeake Bay, life in Irvington has been shaped greatly by the creeks and waterways that surround it.

Irvington has plenty of history to offer as well as a great variety of recreational and cultural opportunities. Whether you are interested in spending your time on the water, visiting the Steamboat Era Museum, or going wine tasting along the Chesapeake Wine Trail, we guarantee Irvington has something for you.

The Tide’s Inn has been a sought-after vacation destination in Irvington since its doors opened to the public in 1947. This premier Mid-Atlantic resort boasts endless recreational activities for its guests, from private sailing lessons and paddleboarding to cooking classes and children’s tennis camps. It is also home to an award-winning golf course designed by George W. Cobb that surrounds a 50-acre lake.

No matter the time of year, there is always something to do in Irvington. The Farmers Market takes place every first Saturday of the month May – November and features over 100 vendors from across the region. It was even voted ‘Best Farmers Market on Virginia’s East Coast’ in 2015 by Virginia Living Magazine. If you plan to stay in Irvington late into the off-season, there are a number of holiday events and festivals that are hosted by the local community as well.


From 1873 to 1891, Irvington was actually called ‘Carter’s Creek Wharf’ before being renamed in honor of the renowned Captain Levin H. Irvington. For many decades, Irvington revolved around the steamboat industry until a fire burned through the town in 1917. Since then, it has made an impressive comeback.

Irvington’s 8.78 miles of shoreline contributed greatly to the establishment of its first commercial areas and neighborhoods within walking distance of the water. Many of the town’s historic structures and homes can be found along King Carter Drive and Steamboat Road, contributing to the preservation of ‘old’ Irvington.