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Westmoreland County Westmoreland County

Westmoreland County is located on the Northern Neck, between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers, and is in close proximity to Washington, DC. Westmoreland County offers rich history, beautiful terrain, and a plethora of recreational activities. The most recent census estimates a population of over 17,500 people in this county. Westmoreland County is well suited for those searching for a rural lifestyle and a private river getaway. The small central town of Montross offers restaurants, coffee shops and grocery shopping.

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Throughout Westmoreland County there are a number of historically significant locations, including five Civil War battlefield parks, George Washington’s Birthplace Park, and James Monroe’s birthplace. Additionally, Stratford Hall, with over 1,900 acres on the Potomac River preserves the history of Robert E. Lee’s family plantation and eighteenth-century home. History buffs and nature lovers belong in this county.


Surrounded by water and steeped in history, Westmoreland County is the perfect destination for people who love the lessons of the past and the great outdoors. Visit the place where 115 patriots gathered to sign a document, the Leedstown Resolves, which laid the groundwork for revolution. Enjoy the pristine beauty of the county’s 5,450 acres of natural area and 250 miles of shoreline. Drink fine wines made locally, and fruits and vegetables fresh from the farms of Westmoreland County.

Access and Water

The Potomac River is the main body of water in Westmoreland. It is  fed by several large tributaries: Mattox Creek, Popes Creek, Currioman and Nomini Bays and their respective rivers, The Lower Machodoc and Yeocomico Rivers. These waterways are lined with planned, waterfront and water access communities offering excellent amenities to their residents and guests.

Driving Distances

  • Richmond – 54 miles (1 hour 11 minutes)
  • Washington, DC – 94 miles (2 hours 3 minutes)
  • Norfolk – 110 miles (2 hours 10 minutes)